Coco Reál is the first and only squeezable cream of coconut.

At last Real Gourmet Cream of Coconut is available in an easy to use and store bottle! Coco Reál contains real coconut from the Dominican Republic, providing superb flavor for all your cocktail and baking needs. The unique Simply Squeeze bottle allows you to conveniently pour and store Coco Reál, with no refrigeration required! It's upside down bottle design guarantees no waste and smooth product flow from beginning to end. So go ahead and Simply Squeeze Coco Reál when your favorite cocktail or baking recipe calls for cream of coconut. Be sure to check out our delicious recipes too!

Contains real coconut - not just coconut milk like most similar products

Simply Squeeze the proper amount into your cocktail or delicious recipe

Upside down bottle design guarantees easy access from beginning to end

No messy cans or difficulty storing unused portions

Simply close the convenient flip lid and store

40% more product than the standard 15 ounce can

Exclusive oxygen barrier protects delicate coconut oils

Real Coconut for Great Pina Coladas and so much more!